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New Build

Wiggum offers fantastic new properties built to a high standard and specification to suit all preferences in design and style. We work with our clients from start to finish to ensure they get total satisfaction with the end product, and in most cases, their dream home.


Wiggum can bring a property back to life. No matter how run down a building is we can bring it back to its former glory and give it a completely different look and feel altogether.

Extentions and Conservatories

Wiggum can extend your property so you can get the most out of the land it sits on. Whether it be an extention of the main house, conservatory or an outbuilding we can provide the extra space you need to the highest standard.

Loft and Cellar Converstions

Wiggum can turn your dark loft or cellar into a beautifully habitable room. Whether it be extra bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms, office space, workshops or just for extra sortage, we can design and build it to suit your every need.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Wiggum can provide a design and fitting service for any style of kitchen and bathroom. Whether it be traditional or modern, we can promise the highest standard of finish. With fast and efficient kitchen and bathroom fitters, we can keep the stress to a minimum and get the main rooms in your property back in working order for your use and enjoyment.


Wiggum can offer bespoke services. From time to time we are asked to design and build unique products. We are willing to listen to any ideas and give you ours, and if it's possible, we will make it happen.


Wiggum can provide a service in the work place as well as domestic. When you need extra office space or a new toilet block, car park, or need to bring your premises up to date t suit requlations, we can offer advice and carry out any work that is required.

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